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    Weapons: Combat Medic Assault Rifles


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    Weapons: Combat Medic Assault Rifles

    Post  Virtia on Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:23 am

    Assault Rifles, General
    Pulsar VS1
    Damage: 143-112@115m
    Mag: 30/150
    Reload: 1.75s/2.2s
    Speed: 615m/s
    ROF: 698
    The basic gun. Not bad in most circumstances.

    Equinox Burst (100)
    Damage: 143-112@115m
    Mag: 30/150
    Reload: 1.75s/2.3s
    Speed: 615m/s
    ROF: 698
    ALL Burst variants suck. Don’t waste your cert.

    Equinox (500)
    Damage: 143-112@115m
    Mag: 30/150
    Reload: 1.8s/2.415s
    Speed: 615m/s
    ROF: 652
    The Equinox is the Medic’s versatility weapon. It can take sights up to 6x, and every attachment available. All weapons of this type are excellent all-rounders. It will perform quite well up close, and the underbarrel smoke is quite handy for resurrecting a mass of dead people or dashing between cover. If you want a single gun that is a straight upgrade from the Pulsar without specializing in one range category, get this. It also boasts significantly better long range accuracy than the Pulsar or Burst do, with lower first-shot recoil (2.25x for Equinox, 2.75x for the others). In exchange, it has a lower rate of fire, ever so slightly higher per-shot recoil, and an insignificantly longer reload time.

    NS-11A (1000)
    Damage: 143-125@65m
    Mag: 35/175
    Reload: 2s/2.45s
    Speed: 640m/s
    ROF: 652
    The NS-11A is a versatile medium-long range weapon. Unlike EVERY OTHER VS weapon, it fires normal bullets, and does not sound like a pew-pew weapon. Unlike every other VS weapon, this means that 1) it has bullet drop, and 2) you look and sound like a TR/NC medic. That can be either a good or bad thing, depending on your style.

    VS weapons offer no bullet drop in exchange for worse damage falloff at range. A normal 143 damage VS weapon bottoms out at 112 damage at 100m; this bottoms at 125 damage at 65m. The higher minimum damage makes this weapon shine at longer ranges, especially coupled with HV ammo and long range attachments.

    The NS can accept a wide range of attachments, up to a 6x scope, with all of the major attachments available. Personally, I think this weapon performs best when equipped for range. I am a huge anti-fan of it in close fights, though – for some reason I just can’t land shots with it in CQC. Your mileage may vary.

    Assault Rifles, CQC
    H-V45 (250) (This was called the XM9 in the beta)
    Damage: 143-112@115m
    Mag: 30/150
    Reload: 2.55s/3.2s
    Speed: 590m/s
    ROF: 800
    The H-V45 is the close range Assault Rifle. In addition to excellent hipfire accuracy by default, it sports the fantastic advanced laser sight and optics up to 4x. It has a massive ROF, which means it will burn through enemies and ammo alike. This thing is brilliant, and gives the VX6-7 Carbine a run for its money at being the best non-shotgun CQC weapon available.

    Also, this gun has a hidden gem: virtually every gun in the game knocks you own to 0.5x movement speed while aiming down the sights. The H-V45 has an ADS walk speed of 0.75x, meaning you can make yourself harder to hit than the other guy while in a mid-range fight.

    Assault Rifles, Long Range
    CME (1000)
    Damage: 143-112@115m
    Mag: 30/150
    Reload: 2.4/3s
    Speed: 630m/s
    ROF: 652

    Corvus (1000)
    Damage: 167-125@125m
    Mag: 30/150
    Reload: 1.8s/2.4s
    Speed: 600m/s
    ROF: 526
    The differences between the CME and Corvus boil down to personal preference, really.

    In favor of the CME: The CME can equip the Advanced Foregrip. It has lower per-shot recoil (up and to the right), higher ROF, and higher bullet velocity. All of this makes for an extremely controllable long-range weapon. It also has the Flash Suppressor, which the Corvus lacks (but the Flash Suppressor sucks, so whatever).

    In favor of the Corvus: The Corvus is the only 167 damage VS AR, making it the hardest hitting per-shot. It has a noticeably better reload time than the CME, and a first-shot recoil multiplier of only 2x compared to the CME’s 3x. While its per-shot recoil is higher, it only pulls upwards (it has balanced horizontal recoil). The Corvus also has a noticeably better initial cone of fire while aiming down the sights. The Corvus CANNOT use the Advanced Foregrip.

    All this adds up to some relatively simple conclusions: the overall DPS of the weapons is fairly well balanced (faster/weaker vs. slower/stronger). As a long range weapon, the Corvus is purely better due to its better single shot accuracy and higher damage; it's an absolute headshot machine. The CME is probably slightly better at medium-long ranges due to its better long-burst (like 8-10 rounds) fire accuracy and the Advanced Foregrip.

    Most of the differences between these are in playstyle, though. If you have crap trigger discipline and good recoil control, I feel like the CME will treat you better. If you prefer single-shotting at long ranges, the Corvus is superior.

    --If you only buy one upgrade, the Equinox is probably the best choice for its versatility.
    --The H-V45 is one of the five best guns in the game in my opinion, along with the VX6-7, the T1 Cycler, the TRAC-5S, and the Gauss-SAW.
    --The CME and Corvus are pretty excellent long-range platforms. I prefer the CME for its faster ROF, which I feel gives it slightly superior mid range support performance, but the Corvus is undeniably deadly effective.

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